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  • Mohammad Elias
    Co-Founder & CEO of RELI Group Inc.,

    Mohammad Elias is a co-founder of the Elias & Sultana Foundation and CEO of RELI Group Inc., which is an IT management consulting company with over 400+ employees in 30 states. Named by INC. Magazine as one of the “fastest growing 5000 private companies” in America, RELI Group has surpassed over $50+ million in annual revenue by delivering innovative technological solutions in Healthcare IT & Population Health to help serve their government, commercial, and nonprofit clients who provide essential public services to over 300 million people in America every day. Born to a Muslim family in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mr. Elias immigrated to the United States in 1994 and completed his MBA degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa a few years later. Because of RELI Group’s success over the years, he and his wife Rebeka Sultana decided to officially launch the Elias & Sultana Family Foundation in 2020 to provide grants to help promote better access to food, shelter, and education for marginalized communities everywhere.

  • Rebeka Sultana

    Rebeka Sultana is the president and co-founder of the Elias & Sultana Foundation. After receiving her university degree in her native Bangladesh, Mrs. Sultana moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 2002 and she began volunteering at the University of Maryland Medical Center where she counseled disabled and elderly patients on a regular basis. After co-founding RELI Group Inc. with her husband Mohammad Elias, Mrs. Sultana has served as a senior executive at the company focusing on employee satisfaction and overall welfare of RELI Group’s workforce of over 400+ employees in over 30 states across the United States. As president of the Elias & Sultana Foundation, she and her husband hope to leave a positive legacy behind for their two children so they can continue the charitable work of the foundation for generations to come.

  • David Folsom
    Board Member

    David Folsom is a board member for the Elias & Sultana Foundation. He is a retired IT executive with over 40 years of senior-level experience with many prominent American & multinational corporations. Mr. Folsom started his career in 1969 after receiving his mathematics & chemistry degree from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. He eventually worked his way up to becoming Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with Control Data Corporation (CDC) and eventually joined Unilever to become Vice President of IT infrastructure in 2000. Even after his retirement in 2004, Mr. Folsom has continued to consult with prominent corporations like United Healthcare and nonprofit organizations like the St. Cloud State University Foundation. A proud member of Lions Club International for over 30 years, Mr. Folsom has been committed to the mission and vision of the Elias & Sultana Foundation since its inception.